Single Vlies (Fleece) Dreambox - filter

Single Vlies (Fleece) Dreambox - filter
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Single Vlies (Fleece) Dreambox - filter
Single Vlies (Fleece) Dreambox - filter
Single Vlies (Fleece) Dreambox - filter
Single Vlies (Fleece) Dreambox - filter
Single Vlies (Fleece) Dreambox - filter
Single Vlies (Fleece) Dreambox - filter
Single Vlies (Fleece) Dreambox - filter
Single Vlies (Fleece) Dreambox - filter
Single Vlies (Fleece) Dreambox - filter
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Product no.: VD-75

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Single Vlies (Fleece) Dreambox 3.0 - filter size L

Technical data Vlies Dreambox size L:
Dimensions: 70 cm wide x 60 cm length x 40 cm height
Dimensions: 75 cm wide x 60 cm length x 70 cm height (overall height)

Intakes: Standard = 50/40/32/32mm red pipe
Outtake: 2x50mm / 1x Emergency overflow 50mm red pipe/connection tubes

Volume: ~  145 Liter

Fully automatic Vlies (Fleece) roll filter for fresh and saltwater aquariums. The Vlies (Fleece) of Dreambox 3.0 is made of 8 mm Simona-PVC slides (food safe), fixed from the inside and from the outside and finished with a hot gas welded seam by hand. Equipped with an integrated fleece roll filter, cover completely closed and control unit (Panasonic panel, sensor, drive motor).

  • high quality rigid PVC and Plexiglas (plexiglass)
  • hot gas welded not glued,
    plastic welding never leak as like glass filter cases with silicone gaskets
  • significantly sturdily, shock proof and lower weight compared to glass
  • 8 mm thickness of PVC and Plexiglas (plexiglass)
  • extremely noise-dampening by construction
  • Intelligent forced water supply by all chambers
  • inside spill safe by integrated CNC milled emergency overflows, even with 100% blockage of the filter are forwarding into the next Chamber
  • Sea-waterproof titanium bolts
  • precise CNC milled cover (closed),
  • 100% Made in Germany / Assembly by hand
  • with DIN connectors/tubes
  • 30 Years of experience in PVC filter and skimmer construction
  • incl. LED-lightning with Remote-control


  • Roll Vlies Dreambox filter short description: (more details in the data sheet)
    * complete fleece control unit filter removable, selectable upward
    * baffle has a grip hole in the middle, as well as extra thin fleece coating surfaces
    * baffle is embedded in a surrounding frame and can be completely out
    * drying chamber is fully above open, which significantly facilitates the removal and loading of the fleece roll
    * drying chamber has an external process
    * capacitive non-contact proximity switch on the side monitors the control unit of the motor by means of electronic
    * sophisticated recoiler
    * all components in the chamber of the electronics are mounted on the lid firmly
    * 12-volt power supply "Made in Germany"

pdf_icon  Data sheet Vlies Dreambox 75_60.pdf pdf_icon  Dreamboxes_overview_list.pdf


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