Reviews for: Bubble King« Double Cone 150 with Red Dragon X DC 12V

Bubble King« Double Cone 150 with Red Dragon X DC 12V
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Date: 04/05/2023

Author: curt


Reviews for: Bubble King« Double Cone 150 with Red Dragon X DC 12V

When I started my shallow 4'x2'x15" mixed reef (the LAST ONE! . . .), I knew I wanted a BK. I've had good success with cone skimmers in the past, before the move to these fancy and QUIET DC pumps, so I probably had a low bar to clear regarding noise expectations. I saw plenty of great reviews of the DC180 and after discussions with the Royal Exclusiv "man on the ground" over at (amazing customer support), pulled the trigger on this DC150 Cone with the new DC pump.

This is by far and away the best skimmer I've had. It's completely brown gunk in the cup. The noise level of this skimmer is PHENOMINAL. The tank is next to the television in our family room, I had a controller mode ready to go for only skimming at night to avoid noise during activity; I deleted the mode because I can't hear the skimmer. Reputation of royal exclusiv quality in materials and workmanship, upheld. Very well built piece of equipment. Dialing in the water and foam lines was very easy for me. Note, I have this skimmer on a riser in my sump dialed into a perfect 17cm/6.5" water line.

If I wanted to complain about something, I wish I had a half inch more tube for the UV port connection, but I stretched it ever so slightly and it has never fallen off the connector. I have not used the 2nd "outside" input nor have I experimented with the different size intake, I got it well dialed in why mess with a good thing? The pump wants a cleaning once a quarter for me, and if you let it go to five months you'll see the bubble production drop and it will yell at you "clean me! do it now!" and you will, because this beautiful piece of equipment is the heart of keeping my fish and corals happy. 5/5 would recommend if your sump accommodates it (ruby36s for me, no filter socks).

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