Shipping & forwarding cost for Royal Exclusiv USA

§ 3 Shipment

(1) Delivery is within three weeks. Usually the order will be shipped within a few days. Delivery dates and times are just binding if they were confirmed by Royal Exclusiv USA particularly and in writing. For special designs (customize) on request, depending on production longer delivery times are possible.

(2) Delivery is within the USA and Canada. Other countries on demand.

(3) Delivery will be effected by a shipment service provider chosen by Royal Exclusiv USA. The customer will defray an estimated shipping cost which depends on the order value and the place of the delivery. Gladly we inform you in advance about the incurred shipping costs.

(4) For End-costumers is delivery takes place within the USA from a purchase value of 750,- USD free shipping (excluded Dreamboxes) unless otherwise specify or is integrated into the price in advance.

(5) By larger Dreamboxen deliveries with forwarder companies. You will receive a separate email about the shipping costs!

(6) Royal Exclusiv USA will inform the customer immediately and in writing if the delivery, as an exception, is not possible within the under (1) mentioned time limit of three weeks. In this case the customer has the right to withdraw, also in writing and immediately.

(7) Dealer/reseller note: Please contact Royal Exclusiv USA for exact delivery times of larger orders. Fee for pallet preparation  35,- USD (net), half pallet 17,50 USD (net) (material and labour costs).